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A private D&D Campaign for the LOD set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms.
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 Marpenoth 16th – A Warehouse and its operations

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PostSubject: Marpenoth 16th – A Warehouse and its operations   Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:35 pm

The following night the group headed to the tavern and saw Captain Aerun talking to a shady individual in the corner. They had a momentary vision that they blew their cover, but they quickly (and wisely) ducked out of the way and prepared to follow him as he left.

They were not the sneakiest group ever and as Captain Aerun lead them to a seemingly quiet warehouse in the Blister district, they prepared a full-on ambush on the Lords.

Kregnok and Grognak waited at the main doors while the others entered through the 2nd story office. Captain Aerun saw them and amazingly flew out the window into the warehouse.

The fight was on and the heroes faced more doppleganger assassins, possessed citizens, and a mob of thugs. While the dwarf and the barbarian at the main door barely made it into the room, in fact the dwarf was dropped twice, the heroes once again prevailed.

A search of the warehouse revealed a trap door that led to a basement cell. Inside the cell was Durkik Forgeheart, chained to a wall and in the way of a tamperproof trap. Lozigee and Umberto managed to disarm two of the traps but Grognak was unable to break the last tube and Durkik was killed. In his last dying breath he told the heroes to bring him to Ancestor Karros.

Karros revived Durkik with a raise dead and the High Priest of Moradin was then able to get the heroes up to speed, as he has learned of the Generals plans to an extent. He wanted access to Mountainroot Temple for reasons unknown to Durkik.

Quote :
“Centuries ago a subterranean structure was built in honor of Moradin for anyone who wanted to pay tribute. It held great reliquaries of holy icons, enormous cathedrals where hundreds could worship at once, and even a doorway to the Astral Plane whence angels and exarchs of Moradin would appear to discourse with the god’s most favored priests and champions. To facilitate a grand community, in addition to the astral doors and its main entryway into the mountains, four mystical doors, each linked to another temple of Moradin elsewhere in the world, were built.

For decades the temple thrived. Over time relations between Moradins’s faithful grew strained. Priests assigned to “lesser” temples grew envious of those at Mountainroot. Many of the dwarf faithful grew haughty, considering themselves Moradin’s “true” children, and sought to deny other priests access to the temple’s wonders.

Was it Moradin’s wrath or a natural disaster? None can say. Whatever the case, the mountain was struck with an earthquake. Parts of Mountainroot were damaged while others were completely destroyed. Panicked, the priests grabbed up their treasures and holy icons – at least most of them – and fled using the surviving portals.

Although they mourned the loss of the great cathedral, and those few treasures they were unable to save, they declared the quake to have been Moradin’s will and left the temple abandoned. In time, most priests forgot it had ever been.

But not all. After a few decades, a small group of Moradin faithful returned to restore Mountainroot temple. They cleaned up as best they could and vowed to maintain it until it should someday become important again. The most powerful of their number took on the title of Caretaker and lived within the temple. He carefully attuned himself to the temple’s surviving magic, allowing him to protect it from outside invasion.”
The group rested for the night, ready to head to the temple the following day.

The Temple Between pt 1
The Temple Between pt 2
The Temple Between pt 3
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Marpenoth 16th – A Warehouse and its operations
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